Halo and Pot Pies

Happy Halloween, y’all!

This blog post has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween. In fact, we’re not even celebrating Halloween this year. There’s no kids in our building or general neighborhood and we’re not really party people. We’re more of…”wait until all the candy goes on sale after the holiday and stock up for several months” kind of people. We still have candy from when we stocked up after Valentine’s day.

Last night I tried my hand at homemade ravioli again. It failed more than miserably. I tried to use an ice cube tray as an improvised ravioli mold, and I made the mistake of not draining off my filling. So I scraped that bit of dough and just cranked out homemade spaghetti and added tomato sauce to my former ravioli filling. It turned out great, but my hubby was hoping for homemade ravioli. I wanted ravioli too, but without a ravioli press or stamp or something, it takes me foreverrrr.

Tonight, I want to try homemade chicken pot pies. Hubby wants to go buy Halo and play it all night when he gets off in a couple of hours, so I figure a pot pie is a great idea for games and quality marriage building. ;)  Anyways, pot pies are something I’ve wanted to try for a long while now. :) I’m going to use Barefoot Contessa’s recipe off of FoodNetwork.com. One of these days I am going to try her lobster pot pie..I miss seafood.

*Warning: Mini Rant* We live 4396047676636 miles away from an ocean, so I’m a little skeptical of seafood in the stores here, especially the stuff in the display cases. (Yuck.) I miss the fresh west coast seafood that was always readily available. When I lived in Oregon, I was an hour away from the ocean and salmon that is barely hours old by time you get it home and cook it. Even after 24 hours, the flavor quality of salmon just goes ka-put in comparison to fresh-off-the-boat fish and seafood. *End Rant*

I’ll try to grab some pictures of the chicken pot pie if I go with that tonight and put them up on the blog. :)

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to sign-up with The Daring Kitchen. So, I did…but, it never gave me my password and they haven’t responded to my e-mail about fixing that issue. It wouldn’t even send a new password to my email. :( If it doesn’t work out, then whatever, I’ll be my own “Daring Cook/Baker”.

It’s time to go clean before I can cook. My kitchen is the size of the average American closet, so I have to go clean the dishes because there is NO space. I’m not really exaggerating on the size..it is VERY small. I cannot fully extend my arms when I reach wall to wall. TINY. But hey, a great apartment in historic downtown for under $500/mo (utilities and basic cable included) and we don’t have to fear for our lives that someone’s gonna shank us, I can’t really complain that much. At least I have a gas stove and oven.. :)

Have a safe, fun, and spooky Halloween! :)

Ta-ta for now!

Mrs. Daffodil ♥

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Ladies and gents, I am back!

After a verrrryyy long hiatus, I am back. In the past months a lot has changed for me and my hubby.

The hubs and I have moved into a little studio apartment in historic downtown (just in time for all of the holiday festivities).  :) Also, a certain Mrs. Daffodil started college and ROCKED her midterms. (Very happy about that.) We got snow almost everyday last week with the highest temperature being around 35, this week is in the 60’s and sunny pretty much all week (feels more like fall). I was able to snap a great picture of the snow in our neighborhood. My sister wanted photographic proof of our snow. Haha The picture looks like a tiny toy Christmas village.

(That white mound behind the first car is actually a life-size sculpture of a dinosaur that was common in this area. It is named “Nibbles”.)

On a different note. I have been messing around with a few recipes and making homemade pasta , bread, and a couple other goodies. I’m hoping to obtain a ravioli mold and gnocchi board come this Christmas.  I love (LOVVVEEEE) me some gnocchi with fresh mozzarella, basil, and a little sauce. I’m also joining Daring Bakers after I finish this post.

Despite being halfway through the semester, I’m still trying to balance and re-balance married life and college, and as a result, my art and my crafting is nonexistent and my cooking has been less and less creative. So, over the last few days, I’ve been determined to change that and am planning and taking the necessary steps to get everything back on track. That includes updating my blog at least once a week. That is my current goal: once a week.

I hope y’all have a fantastic week! Thanks for reading and being patient these last few months! :)

Ta-ta for now!

Mrs Daffodil ♥

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Bento lunches!! Yummy. Definitely one of the better sites I’ve seen for bentos. :)

I promise I’m not just going to be a blogger that just reblogs other blogs! My projects are going to start up very soon. Just gotta get those last bits of supplies!

Mrs. Daffodil♥

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Molly Chicken Web Blog

Visit the Molly Chicken Web Blog, another reblogged-blog, for lots of cute, crafty ideas. :)

It’s mostly sewing stuff.


Mrs. Daffodil ♥

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Please Bare with Me.

Please bare with me as I learn how to use WordPress. My blog will be undergoing quite a few changes as I figure out where I want stuff and how I want it.

Projects will be coming up soon. :)

Feel free to leave a comment or feedback, or check out my Pinterest for some great ideas while you wait!

Thanks so much!

Mrs. Daffodil ♥

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Coming Soon to My Daffodil

Why daffodil you may ask? Well…I gotta give it to ya straight..I love daffodils and all the other good blog names I wanted were already taken.

So! All the crafty-smafty projects that I take on will be uploaded to this fresh-off-the-press blog.

Some projects may be for crafts, DIY, cooking, baking, tutorials, etc. or a combination thereof.

I’ll try to post as many decent pics of my projects (as well as sources and tutorials if available) as I can, but sadly, I don’t currently have a good camera that is willing to cooperate.

Some upcoming projects are:

1. Sock teddy bear. (Currently at a stand-still with it…forgot to buy fiber filler and eyes.)

2. Sushi! ♥ I’m teaching a friend how to make sushi soon and will upload any pics I can get.

3. Quilled cup of tea. (I recently took up paper quilling because it’s a lot better than sitting around the house doing nothing.)

Projects won’t necessarily occur in that order.

I look forward to blogging and sharing all my projects!

Tata for now.

Mrs. Daffodil ♥

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